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Earn instant, real money rewards for referring new members, and making End Point your everyday card.
End Point members enjoy the most benefits when their account is used for all
direct deposits they may receive, salary, stipend, honoraria, refunds.

Unlimited rewards with real money

Our referral programme gives you unlimited rewards, with money deposited directly into your account when you refer friends and family, and use End Point as your preferred daily card. Our generous commission means that you can easily cover the cost of your membership fees and more.

Refer your Family and Friends

For each new member you refer, we will pay you 15% of their membership fee paid directly in to your account. For example, for an Executive member referral, you would receive $44.25 (USD) paid in cash in to your USD account. It doesn’t stop there… If you make 3 referrals, we will automatically upgrade your membership level for free*.


Instant rewards from all your favourite retailers

End Point membership gives you unrivalled rewards when you spend on your card, online or in stores. We have negotiated with hundreds of retailers to give you real rewards and instant money in your account.

The End Point rewards program allows you to:


Keep track of your rewards earnings


Search by your favourite shops, restaurants and entertainment venues to take advantage of instant cash reward


Up to 22% instant reward for your purchases **


Buy gift cards for friends or family End Point members and receive instant rewards directly into your account


Search directly for the item or product you need


Instantly download your voucher to use online or in-store at hundreds of retailers around the world

More Services


...and hundreds more!

  • How long does a bank transfer take?
    We offer regular bank transfers which can take two to three days to appear in your account. We also offer expedited payments that can arrive within 24hours (depending on the currency selected and location in the world).
  • How quickly can I purchase Cryptocurrency in my End Point Global wallet?
    The ability to purchase any of the nine Cryptocurrencies within the End Point Global Crypto Wallet using the app/portal is almost instantaneous after opening and funding your wallet. You can perform these transactions online via the web app or via the mobile app. There is one simple rate for buying or selling crypto with fees depending on membership level.
  • Can I use the End Point Global account as my main bank account?
    Yes, End Point Global membership is designed to save you time and money by combining all the elements of payments, cryptocurrency, and concierge services in one account. You can have your salary paid directly into your account, pay bills, pay others on the network, and transfer funds around the world at little or no cost. You can also purchase digital (crypto) currencies and spend your money with the End Point Global card, anywhere in the world. We are adding additional digital and traditional currencies frequently and will soon be introducing new rewards schemes that save you money on everyday purchases and enhance your lifestyle.
  • How do I open an account?
    Opening an End Point Global account is very quick and easy. You can register online with your computer or download the app from Apple or Google Play Stores. The registration process is split into three areas: Personal details: Basic information about you Membership plans: We have four membership types to choose from: Level 1, Level 2, Executive, and Chairman. To see full details of each plan please see our fees and limits page Identity Verifications: You will be required to scan in a photo of your government ID, such as Passport or Driver's licence and to take a selfie. Once approved, your accounts are automatically created, and you will get access to all the End Point Global services. An End Point Global debit card will be automatically dispatched on approval.

Ready to join End point?

* The joining fee for the next membership level is waived. You will pay the monthly subscription amounts associated with the new membership level you are promoted too.

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